Going bananas for Washu (and chocolate, of course)

We are honored to share the story of the newest Creo Chocolate Bar: The Washu Bar.

Rainforest Origins

In the lush El Choco Rainforest of northwestern Ecuador, a group of thirteen families are changing how they farm. Instead of cutting down rainforest trees for timber sales or crop expansion, they are adopting sustainable farm management practices with high quality cacao trees. Not only are these farmers improving their quality of life; they are providing a home for the critically endangered Ecuadorian Brown-Headed Spider Monkey that only lives in trees. Known by the locals as Washu, this native primate is part of the 25 most endangered primates in the world, and is the most threatened species of Ecuador.

Samuel and Anita

With the help of seasoned cacao farmers, Samuel and Anita, and the University of Sussex, these families have joined with “Proyecto Washu” to preserve the rainforest, their livelihood, and the Washu.

Do the names “Samuel and Anita” sound familiar? If you’ve ever visited our cafe and factory, you know their faces, as the farmers who grow the cacao we use to sweeten up our corner of Portland. We think it’s pretty cool that they are helping other farmers grow better cacao using sustainable practices. 🙂

Washu Flavor

El Choco Rainforest beans hold a tantalizing flavor, mild yet exquisitely complex. Prominent flavor notes include a floral front and fruity back. As you might be able to tell, the bar we’ve been privileged to make from these little beauties is quickly becoming a favorite, both to talk about and to eat!

For current information about the project and how you can get involved, visit the NGO Proyecto Washu website: www.proyectowashu.org. Let’s make a difference together! It’s chocolate for Change!

Order your Washu Bar here or come by for a Portland Oregon tour of our Creo Chocolate factory and store.

Chocolate for Change

Give back pageChocolate for Change is changing for the better.  After listening to the people in our community describing needs, we have decided to remove the limit of $1 per bar and one impact partner at a time.  We are changing to include multi Community Impact Partners at a time.

Creo is committed to be a catalyst for our Community Impact Partners who make Real Change in our world.   

By purchasing Creo Chocolate you help provide catalyst to make Real Change in the world

Raising the bar together.

Tim, Janet & Kevin

Creating,  Real Chocolate – Real Relationships – Real Change



Raising the bar $1 at a time

During the dreaming process of starting Creo Chocolate in Portland, Oregon we asked ourselves, “How could we use this company to make a lasting impact in the world we live in?” Out of this thought, the reinvestment of $1 per bar was born.

We find a lot of joy in giving back into our community in this way. We have selected Birch Community Services to be one of Creo’s partners in Chocolate for Change.

Why Birch?

Here are some reasons we selected Birch:

  • They provide a hand up rather than a handout to the working poor
  • Each year they redistribute over 8 million lbs. of food and household items
  • Birch is run largely by volunteers.
  • Participating families maintain community gardens.
  • Mentorship is encouraged to help participating families reach the next level.
  • They provide accountability and how-to classes to help participating families make wise financial decisions.
  • They are financially sustainable.
  • They have a proven track record since 1992.
  • Their model has worked so well that each year other organizations come for training on how to replicate it their community.

Enjoy Creo Chocolate in Portland Oregon and together we will make a lasting difference. Go to birchcommunityservices.org to follow the impact.

Join with us to make Real Change in our world by helping others.

Raising the bar $1 at a time,

Tim, Janet & Kevin

Real Chocolate – Real Relationships – Real Change