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  • Tim, Janet and Kevin Straub started Creo Chocolate in the spring of 2014, opening their family operated factory and tasting room in January 2015.
  • For 16 years previously, Tim and Janet, along with their eight children, lived on and operated a small raspberry farm and cabinet shop in rural Ridgefield, Washington.
  • Creo Chocolate is one of the few small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate makers in North America. We source our cacao beans directly from the farmer and make our finished chocolate from the bean.
  • Our chocolate is made from heirloom single-origin, above 70% cacao and organic evaporated cane juice.  Other ingredients in our chocolate products are northwest locally grown as much as possible. Heirloom Cacao award
  • Our factory and tasting room is located in a unique 1924 year old building designed with an open work space for a “see it made” experience.
  • Our tasting room offers a delightfully, unique-to-Portland, experience with samples of our freshly made chocolate, chocolate drinks and products.
  • Thousands of copper pennies donated from friends and family cover the floor of one of our rooms. This unique floor is a must see.


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