Where is Creo Chocolate?
  • 122 NE Broadway, Portland, Oregon
  • A few blocks east of I-5
  • South side of Broadway
  • Across the street from the Toyota dealer
  • It has three distinct Moorish windows facing Broadway
Is Creo close to public transportation?
  • Both the A and B streetcar loop stop within one block of Creo
  • The bus stop is within one block
Where can I park?
  • There is street parking on Broadway (south side) in front of Creo. As of August 2017, $.25 per 15 minutes, coin or credit card.
  • Additional street parking is available on 1st(to the west) and 2nd(to the east) between Broadway & Wiedler.
  • The easiest parking is typically on 1st between Broadway and Wiedler.  Much quieter street than Broadway.
  • One block to the north is free street parking but you may spend a lot of time looking for a space.
Is Creo Chocolate a large factory?
  • Large enough to produce a variety of award winning products but small enough to interact with the Creo team who make it happen.
What is the quality of Creo Chocolate?
  • Creo has been honored to receive numerous national and international chocolate awards.
How long is the tour?
  • The tour is approximately one hour. It can be a little longer or shorter depending on questions from the group
What will I learn on the tour?
  • Where chocolate comes from
  • How Creo makes chocolate
  • Make a chocolate bar to take home with the ingredients you choose.
What about children?
  • Children who want to be learners are encouraged to come.
  • Encourage them to be respectful and obedient for the enjoyment of the experience for all.
What will be expected of me?
  • Be a learner, ask questions
  • Ready to have fun
  • Wear a hairnet (comes with the tour)
  • Closed toe shoes
Will I need to wear a hairnet?
  • All of your hair will have to be covered and we do provide beard nets for those who have beards.
Are there samples?

Guests typically get to sample some or all of the following:

  • Roasted bean
  • Flowing chocolate
  • Different bars Creo makes
  • Maybe even a taste of some under R&D
I have allergies should I be concerned?
  • On our Make-A-Bar tour, the chocolate and topping have no added gluten, soy, nuts or eggs.
  • Let us know if there is a special concern.
Is the tour friendly for walkers and wheelchairs?
  • Our facility is walker and wheelchair friendly. Multi walkers and wheelchairs at one time would be challenging as we are a small working environment
Can I take pictures?
  • Yes, you can take still pictures to help you remember your visit
  • No videos please
Why are all Creo’s tours sold out over 60 days out?
  • We limit the online booking to 60 days in advance