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Show yourself and others some love with chocolate self-care

Posted by Kevin Straub on
Show yourself and others some love with chocolate self-care

For us here at Creo, our self-care time has a decidedly chocolatey approach. If you want to gift someone a delicious self-care moment or add a chocolate-forward element to your own routine, here are some Creo-approved ideas.

A Quiet Moment

When quiet time is required, grab your favorite book, magazine, or audio, find a cozy spot, and relax. By doing something easy and enjoyable, even for a few minutes, your productivity and creativity will increase when you return to your tasks. If you or a loved one needs a bit of indulgence during their quiet time, we recommend adding a cup of sipping chocolate to the routine.

An Indulgent Moment

Whether at the end of a job well done, a milestone, or simply an everyday moment, there’s a certain magic to celebrating with a favorite treat. While our go-to indulgences are—no surprise here—of the chocolate variety, other self-care ideas could be treating yourself to that one thing you’ve been eyeing or an experience you’ve been dreaming about. Chocolate is also a great way to treat someone else to a much needed or deserved moment of indulgence!

Creo’s Favorite Indulgences:

A Moment of Reflection

Ah, reflection. When life is busy and your mind is a never-ending stream of to-dos, reflective self-care can help filter through the mental clutter and focus on what’s really important. Grab a journal to write down any eureka moments, or reflect while doing your skincare routine. And bring a delightfully chocolate perspective to your reflections by lighting Creo’s chocolate-scented candle

Self-care is as essential as it is individual. We hope this has inspired you to start your journey or bring some new self-care ideas into your routine. So go ahead and treat yourself, a friend, or loved one today—and when you do, be sure to tag Creo Chocolate at @creochocolate on Instagram and Creo Chocolate on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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