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Brewed Cacao - Creo Chocolate

Brewed Cacao


This is the drink that inspired our journey to becoming chocolate makers.  Janet, the busy mom of the family, enjoys a daily ritual of this brew, hot or cold!

Our roasted cacao beans are ground to be brewed at home for a drink similar to coffee or tea, but with the complex chocolaty flavors and subtle aromas that come from the cacao bean itself!

The ultimate superfood drink, it contains no sugar, no dairy, no sodium, and no cholesterol. It is extremely high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and theobromine, which provides natural, healthy energy




Allergy information: Processed in the facility that processes milk, sesame seeds, peanuts, tree nuts and wheat


Brewing cacao instructions, Using a French press (does not work well in a drip, or pour over but does best using a french press or the like)

1. Use 2T of grounds per 6 oz up, tip: more grounds & brew more  = more full-bodied flavor

2. Boil water and pour over the grounds

3. Place top on French press, do not press yet!

4. Let brew 4 minutes, stir. Let brew another 4 minutes

5. Slowly push the press. Enjoy the pure dark flavor or adjust to your personal taste with sweetener and/or cream or favorite alternative milk.

The brewed grounds can be used again, just add about 50% more fresh grounds to the second brew