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Spicy Mango Bar

Spicy Mango Bar


Mouthwatering mango, creamy white chocolate flavor, and the perfect touch of heat: meet our Spicy Mango Bar! This vegan-friendly bar is a true tropical treat, with a delicious blend of flavors that perfectly balance sweet and mild heat!

This bar has the flavors that you have come to love in a white chocolate but it contains no milk.

Naturally-occuring flavor notes: mangoes, white chocolate, and a gentle heat - the ideal tropical dessert


Ingredients: cocoa butter,  organic cane sugar, organic mango powder(mango, maltodextrin), sunflower lecithin, mild chili peppers, lime, sea salt, chipotle chili pepper, silicone dioxide (added to make free flowing)

Nutrition Facts


Shelf Life & Storage

Our chocolate is best if consumed immediately as it does not include preservatives or artificial flavors. For optimal freshness and flavor, please enjoy your chocolate by the “enjoy by date” on the package.

Store your chocolate out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place between 54-68°F.  Wine cooler may be a good way to store them (some swear wine and chocolate are inseparable.) Some basements may provide this type of temperature.

Store your chocolates away from strong odors as it will absorb flavors, good or bad flavors.

To avoid chocolate bloom*, please do not place your chocolates in the refrigerator without reading this completely.

While we generally advise against refrigerating chocolates, there may be some instances like heat and humidity where refrigeration is the only way to maintain the integrity of your chocolate.  

If you do need to store your chocolate in the refrigerator, we recommend protecting them by placing them inside two airtight plastic bags, removing all the air and fully sealed.  

When enjoying refrigerated chocolate, we suggest keeping the box inside the two sealed plastic bags until the entire package comes to room temperature; this process will take about two hours. This will mitigate condensation on the chocolates and sugar bloom*. 

Chocolate is best eaten at room temperature, allowing it to melt in your mouth to get the best enjoyment of all the different flavor notes. When eaten slowly it can be a better experience, much more satisfying and less consumption.

*Chocolate bloom - there are two types.  Fat bloom is where white streaks of cocoa butter separation appear in the chocolate.  The second type is sugar bloom, where the sugar molecules grab the water molecules.  Bloomed chocolate is still edible but it could alter the taste and texture.