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A Deeper Scoop into our Nibs & Sea Salt Bar

Posted by Kevin Straub on
A Deeper Scoop into our Nibs & Sea Salt Bar

If you haven’t noticed, community and sustainability are high on Creo’s list of priorities. We are continually striving to build our community and support sustainable food practices. That is why we are excited to announce our collaboration with Portland-based Bitterman Salt Co. on our Nibs & Sea Salt bar!

Bitterman Salt Co.

Bitterman Salt Co., a Mark Bitterman business, that is on a quest to celebrate traditional salt farming while honoring the highest standards of environmental responsibility. Mark Bitterman, James Beard Awarded Author and owner of The Meadow, curates the world’s finest salt and has provided an Icelandic Flake Sea Salt to pair with our Nibs & Sea Salt bar.  Along with being refreshingly crunchy and fresh, the Icelandic Flake Sea Salt has a beautiful story to share!

From the fjords of Iceland

240 years ago, Iceland produced a mineral-fresh salt using only geothermal power. Sadly, the production only lasted for a few decades. In 2011, however, three food-loving grad students took on the challenge of bringing the tradition back to life, a highly technical and passion-driven task!

Now, their dream exists on the small Icelandic peninsula of Reykjanes, where these saltmakers produce a “superbly crunchy and mineral-fresh sea salt” using power generated by geothermal hotsprings. Salt crystals are evaporated using natural geyser heat, and the entire facility is geothermally powered. This is the Icelandic Flake Sea Salt Creo is proud to sprinkle on our chocolate bars.

We invite you to come by and check out how we make our sea salt chocolate with Bitterman Salt Co salt,  as part of our Portland chocolate factory tour.

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