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Creo’s Favorites: 9 Chocolate-Forward Fall Traditions

Posted by Kevin Straub on
an array of pumpkins, berries, fall leaves and Creo Chocolate truffles

It’s no secret that we love autumn! The foliage, the crisp weather, and all the excuses you need for a warm cup of hot chocolate. So, in honor of having full-fledged fall upon us, we’re sharing the best ways to incorporate chocolate into your favorite fall activities.

  • Make dipped apples: Caramel apples might be a fall staple, but we think chocolate apples deserve your attention. Smooth, dark chocolate pairs perfectly with crisp fall apples—without sticking to everything. Melt Creo’s chocolate pieces for easy dipping—then roll in chopped nuts or chocolate-covered ginger for an extra zing.

  • Have a movie marathon: Whether you’re watching a Halloween, horror, or autumn classic on movie night, no binge-watch is complete without an array of chocolate. Chocolate-covered treats, chocolate bars, or truffles are all perfect choices for movie night. 

  • Cozy up your home for fall: Time to pull out all the throw blankets, soft pillows, and books you’ve been meaning to read. And nothing says cozy like lighting a candle. We love bringing warm scents into our home this time of year, especially with our chocolate-scented candles

  • Enjoy a bonfire: Is anything better than a bonfire? Warm conversations, firelight flickering, and chocolate s’mores make bonfires one of our favorite fall traditions. 

  • Get your bake on: We’re not sure if it’s the proximity to a warm oven or needing something sweet while curled up on the couch, but baking just feels right this time of year. And if you are baking, why not bake something with chocolate? Bonus points if it’s a family recipe.

  • Throw a tailgate party: Fall is football season, and we all know games are more fun when you barbecue. This year, earn (or keep) the title of grill master with a little chocolate secret up your sleeve. Creo’s flavorful cacao rub will bring your meat and veggies to the next level.

  • Elevate your autumn festivities: Whether hosting or bringing something to a potluck event, wow your friends, family, and coworkers by serving flights of hot chocolate. From toppings to flavors, there are many ways to make your hot chocolate station festive.

  • Go on a hike: Wrap up in something warm and head outside! Enjoy the changing leaves and crisp air. When you stop for a photo or a quick break, pull out a bag of trail mix (chocolate included!) and savor the moment. 

  • Get ahead on holiday shopping: View our gift guides for inspired ideas, and make Creo your go-to gift this holiday season – and shop online to avoid the rush!

  • Planning any of these activities this season? Be sure to tag us @creochocolate with pictures!

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