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Here a Penny, There A Penny

Posted by Kevin Straub on
Here a Penny, There A Penny

We have a very fun secret in our factory.

If you happen to use our restroom while taking a chocolate tour you will discover the floor is covered with beautiful copper pennies.  The story is….. for years, Janet has been picking up pennies off the ground whenever she would find one and saving them. She said each one reminded her that “In God We Trust.”

CreoChocolate011915-_MG_5219Fast forward, as we were contemplating how to finish our floor we remembered a picture of a penny floor that looked really nice. A lot of copper is being used in the factory already and it just seemed a good fit. We thought that using Janet’s pennies would be a constant reminder that at the foundational, ground floor of Creo Chocolate, we trust in God. “One cent” also reminds us that we are “sent” to make a difference in whatever part of the world we touch (more of the Creo story!).

Pennies from PDX

Since Janet didn’t have quite enough pennies saved up to cover the whole area, we invited our family and friends to contribute their pennies to the floor, joining us in the story.  We were so encouraged by the outpouring of love and support as pennies started coming from all over the Metro area. Our daughter, Lydia, organized the pennies and with some help from a sister, laid them all down real pretty.

I’m sure you are wondering just how many pennies are on that floor. A lot! Actually, about 20,000.

Some of them are pretty old and then there are Indian head, wheat backs, steel, shiny new ones and some that look like they have been around the world a few times or used in a lot of gum ball machines!  Ask one of our team what the oldest penny is.

Now that you know the story behind our little secret, we hope that our floor inspires you also as you walk over it during your chocolate tour. Be sure and take a peek if you need to take a leak!  (Did I really write that? 😉  )

Head over to our factory for a chocolate tour today!


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