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What's So Different About Your Chocolate

Posted by Kevin Straub on
What's So Different About Your Chocolate

The Creo Experience

Really good question and I have a really good answer.  For one, we are not just making chocolate, as wonderful as it is, we are creating an experience worth adding to your list of Portland activities!

When we first began experimenting with making chocolate, three of our family members took a trip across the United States to visit chocolate makers and hoped to actually watch someone making chocolate. Surprisingly, most makers crafted their chocolate without an audience. Our family came home a bit disappointed but resolved to not let that be the case where we live.

Handcrafted chocolate is a fascinating story and an experience that we thought our community in Portland/Vancouver would benefit from and enjoy learning about. So, we made our chocolate factory with an open footprint so you can watch chocolate being made all the way from the cacao bean to the chocolate bar. We also offer Portland activities such as a behind-the-scenes tour of our factory and Chocolate 101 classes where among other things, you will actually get your hands involved in the making process.

Simple, Delicious Two-Ingredient Chocolate

Second difference, we make real chocolate using two ingredients, the cacao bean and organic evaporated cane juice. It is simple and pure, allowing the unique flavor notes of the bean to sing in your mouth! This chocolate is interesting, flavorful and satisfying. We do not mold or work with chocolate finished outside of our factory. The chocolate you taste at our factory & tasting room is  all made right there by our Creo team.

Third difference, we brew chocolate drinks at our Chocolate Brew Bar.  After roasting our beans, we will grind some and brew them similar to coffee, but with the complex chocolaty flavors and subtle aromas the come right from the cacao bean itself. It is different than a hot chocolate which we will also serve, because it is not dairy based. It can be drank brown and pure or creatively mixed with creamer/sweetener.

The ultimate superfood drink, it contains no sugar, no dairy, no sodium, no cholesterol, yet is extremely high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, heart healthy magnesium and theobromine which provides natural, healthy energy.

We Buy Directly From Our Farmer!

The fourth difference, we buy our beans directly from our farmer. Having been farmers for 16 years, our heart seeks out the source and integrity of ingredients and the connection with the grower. This means a relationship. We know about his farm because we have been there and walked among the trees and eaten in their kitchen. There are faces on our chocolate.

The fifth reason our chocolate is different, we believe in making a difference in the world and we are doing that through creating chocolate. We decided from the beginning that $1 from every chocolate bar that we sold we would give for this purpose. Our Creo team keeps their eyes out and ears open to needs that we can contribute to, then we post this on our “Chocolate Love” wall and keep the dollar amount updated daily until it’s time to “share the love”.  You will find a jar with $1 bills on our counter for each bar sold as a very visual reminder that we believe in making a difference. That’s a real part of the Creo story.

So now, what’s so different about our chocolate?

Stop by today for some great Portland activities, and taste the difference!

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